Protect your Critical Environment with Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring

Mardix Critical Power Services have now incorporated the ultimate level of non-intrusive maintenance for electrical infrastructure servicing in to their expansive one-stop-shop offer.

Customers can help prevent downtime, reduce interruption on your critical environment with the addition of Ultrasonic condition monitoring.

Ultrasonic condition monitoring can help to prevent downtime and reduce interruptions by detecting arcing, tracking, corona and mechanical looseness without disruption to client’s network, when delivered in conjunction with Mardix CPS expert thermography clients receive a highly comprehensive overview showing dual aspects of both sound and visual examination, helping prolong the life of Switchgear, Transformers and Busbar systems.

Mark Turner, Sales Manager for Mardix Critical Power Services said “We are always looking to increase our service offering and provide the best level of service for Critical Power Environments; with ultrasonic testing in our portfolio our live servicing contracts are leading the way in comprehensive servicing solutions”.

Aug, 17, 2016