Going Underground

As part of the 4 Lines Modernisation project, Mardix Rail have designed and are supplying high density Power Distribution Unit to be used across multiple stations.

The key aspects of the PDU design are:

  • Dual input
  • DC and AC output distribution
  • Class II Output on certain distribution sections – including insulation monitoring
  • Redundancy on DC SMPSU and AC output transformers
  • High levels of alarm reporting and integration

Mardix Rail engaged with the client and prepared a design in line with the clients specification and in many areas exceeding the clients expectations, the PDU design allowed for safe working and isolation on individual power sections such that a 50VDC system could be maintained whilst all other distribution sections remained operational.

As the PDU’s are installed on the LU infrastructure Mardix utilised LU approved products to comply with LUL-1-085 and where a suitable product was not available LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) products were utilised.

Mardix Rail’s engineers are at present EMC testing the PDU’s to ensure compliance with the rigorous standard associated with EMC.

The equipment is due to be rolled out across the project in coming weeks.

Sep, 23, 2016