The Databar busway system is a truly unique open channel modular busway system targeted at rack power distribution in data centres. The system has been developed to be super compact and it uniquely features patent applied for innovations in the integral coupling system for installing / extending the busway and tap-off actuator mechanisms.

Over rack power distribution has never been so flexible. Data Centre Operators can rest assured that they not only have the ability to add tap-offs as needed but also to easily extend / re-configure the busway system over their white space.

Databar benefits from over fifty years of expertise and its seamless integration with IBAR busbar trunking systems and Power Management systems deliver a complete package solution.

Safe and simple were at the heart of Databar’s development which is why there is one size for 250A - 630A and the same low profile housing accommodates both 4 and 5 pole systems whilst still maintaining the smallest footprint design.

Extending the busway requires no separate joint pack, fully factory tested busway assemblies feature Mardix designed specialist integrated connectors that provide true plug-n-play functionality.

The tap-off engage operation is carried out in two simple steps with the tap-off box being installed on the busway then a unique actuation system which not only controls the tap-off contacts but interlocks with the tap-off’s switching device to ensure that no load is connected during the engage operation.

Databar’s market leading range of tap-offs are super compact and thanks to the small form factor busway design and actuation system they require only 30mm of mounting clearance; the industry’s smallest!

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